Siri Driessen

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Article for Le Labo des Héritiers

The exhibition 'Le Labo des Héritiers' at museum Grand Hornu-Images in Belgium investigates the creative family. Through the work of four well-known architects, artists and designers, it questions ways of dealing with creative legacy.

I wrote article for the exhibition catalogue about one of these four families, the Bakker-Van Leersum's. Guided by the lives and works of jewellery designer Emmy van Leersum, product and jewellery designer Gijs Bakker, and their son and product designer Aldo Bakker I tried to analyze the families' way of dealing with artistic inheritance.

authors: Chris Meplon, Paul Robbrecht, Marie Pok, Siri Driessen
publisher: Luster
language: Dutch, English, French
price: €39,95
ISBN: 978-94-6058-136-6